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About Shalimar

2015 note: This was written back in 2008 when I started blogging. I'm leaving it for history's sake. Also I'm too lazy to update it....

I'm grateful that you would spend your time here

I hope you find it worth your while

Born in Logan, UT in a hospital that no longer exists (my dad did retrieve a brick for me during demolition). It’s somewhere in the basement. Spent my formative years naked, dirty, sassy, hanging out with the LDS community, who didn’t have a clue what to do with me (more on that in the future for no extra charge). Picture a girl in hot pink, ahead of her time, cursing, walking amongst the fundamentalists everyday, and wondering why the heck everyone is staring at her. Ate A LOT of Frosted Flakes with half-and-half. Inhaled a lot of secondhand smoke and other secondhand smoke. Bounced to California. Dealt with acne and mean girls. Found UCLA. Found a husband. Found myself a mother. Thrice.

This blog is a tool I use to connect with others while I experience life as homemaker in the 21st century. It’s where I share my photography and hone my writing and debate skills. It’s where I share my successes and failures as I try to lead a considered life.

I am a liar (sometimes) and a hypocrite.

What can I say

Who might enjoy this blog:

Vegans who occasionally eat at In-N-Out, runners who hate running, people willing to breastfeed a five year-old, people who hate glitter, people that love information in chart form, people who have spanked in anger, people handy with a sewing needle, people who liquify greens and make their kids drink it, anyone who knew Seezaar the cat well enough to hate him, procrastinators, vacilators, people who slam on the brakes when they see free furniture on the sidewalk, everyone debating whether or not they’re done adding to the population, parents who opted out of the government’s vaccination plan, a significant amount of fair-goers and country dwellers, homeschoolers, a handful of graphic designers, anyone fighting media addictions, Dave Eggers fans

Who might not enjoy this blog:

The easily-offended, anyone informed about the world solely by T.V. news

Who's still with me?